How to Apply?

1. Download and complete the Application Form.
2. Submit your application (via registered mail, or e-mail), along with your transcripts and other documents explained in the application checklist. Official transcripts are not initially required for admission; however, they are necessary prior to registration.
3. In case your application is accepted, the applicant will then have to sit for the entrance examination and an interview for both high school graduates and college/university graduates.

Kindly contact us for the dates of the entrances examination and interview. Should you require help filling out your application, please do not hesitate to contact us too. We will be glad to assist you in all of your queries.

For students who wish to transfer from Medical Universities have to sit for an entrance interview before the Committee’s final decision is out. The personal interview will be an essential part of the transfer procedure.

New applicants have to submit any subject exemption request together with the application documents. It will not be possible any more to submit any kind of exemption request after registration. If one fails to declare the previous studies then the applicant loses the right to apply for subject exemptions, and he/she has to attend all the subjects specified by the curriculum.

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